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        Strategic Leadership International, Inc. (SLI) was founded to promote effective leadership for the new postmodern paradigm confronting leaders, organizations, and peoples.

Based on the foundational works of Dr. John Pisapia, SLI has developed a series of assessments, research, writings, and complementary professional development workshops designed to help leaders and their organizations understand and attain the attributes, skills, mindset, and qualities - as well as the appropriate actions - that make for successful leadership in the current complex environment.  The guiding ideas for the thrust of SLI's work is based on Pisapia's development of a model for leadership called "strategic leadership."  Specifically, SLI can provide:

  • Assessment Tools.  SLI has developed two instruments which measure the thinking abilities of leaders (PSTQ) and the actions of leaders (PSLQ).  They allow interested parties to measure either the thinking abilities or the actions of leaders.  The instruments provide takers with direction on how to enhance those abilities and actions.

  • Professional Development Workshops, Instructional Seminars, and Keynote Speeches.  SLI's officers can provide both motivational and informational talks concerning the work involved in developing strategic leadership in yourself and your organization. These are designed and tailored to their audience - be it the general public, or leaders of public, private, profit, and non-profit organizations.   As well, SLI offers two major workshops a year that connect directly with strategic thinking research and assessments to enhance the abilities of leaders to be successful. 

  • Publications.  As the production of work increases, SLI has gathered and produced a growing wealth of information that will enhance the knowledge base and add to the available literature in the areas of leadership and leadership development.  The goal is to help both those who want to know more and understand how to lead into the future, as well as help those who are researching further what will make for successful leadership.

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